PZ Cussons

Analysing regional digital data for PZ Cussons to gain a greater understanding of the product and competitor landscape in those locations.

Initial Brief

PZ Cussons is a major manufacturer of global healthcare products and consumer goods. Fast Web Media was tasked with analysing digital data in specified regions to help the company understand those locations in greater detail and therefore refine its product offering.

The Fast Web Media team was given five key areas to explore across a period of a year and a half:

  • Skin Health: Analysis of Search Trends in Indonesia;
  • Understanding the online research behaviour of Paraben Free products in South East Asian markets;
  • Search and Competitor Landscape analysis of baby care products;
  • Keyword research and Search Landscape of Mum & Me in the UK;
  • Keyword research and Search Landscape of Mum & Me in Nigeria, Indonesia and Thailand.


Though the subjects of the research were very different, they had some elements in common, so we were able to build a regimented approach. For those tasks that required just Search insight, we used Google tools such as Google Trends and other analytics packages like SimilarWeb and Search Metrics to understand the landscape and draw our conclusions. For those that required a broader insight into the general digital landscape, we incorporated Social Media data into our research.

Challenges & Solutions

Language barriers and regional insight were the biggest challenges on these projects. We had to gain clear and precise understanding of diverse locations such as Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, and Pakistan. We resolved this issue by enlisting experts in those locations to lend their assistance, and also perform the research in English so there was always a reference point.

Due to the breadth of the topics at hand, there was a need to further filter and define what we were looking at. Skin Health, for example, is too broad, so we explored segments such as Hand Hygiene, Skin Care, Antibacterial Soaps, and Anti-Ageing within that overarching category. This allowed us to tackle the size of the core topic in more manageable chunks, and also ensured we were covering off every possible eventuality.


We produced comprehensive reports into the chosen areas, showing exactly the information that was requested. The client confirmed their satisfaction with our work.

Skin Health: Analysis of Search Trends in Indonesia

Understanding of consumer trends about Skin health in Indonesia looking from a search engine trends point of view. We were able to investigate search trends in the Indonesian language of Bahasa and in English. The team looked into segments such as Hand Hygiene, Skincare, Skin health, Anti-Ageing, Antibacterial soaps, Aroma etc. We then extensively used data from major search engines, search metrics and similar web to understand the search trends in those categories. We also looked into device usage and online research behaviour of Indonesians.

Understanding the online research behaviour of Paraben Free products in South East Asian markets

The client requested us to look into research trends on 'Paraben Free' products in baby care, Shampoo, Body wash and hand hygiene categories in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. We investigated online trends across search engines and social media to better understand how research for ‘Paraben Free’ products was being conducted by consumers across the various markets.

Search and Competitor Landscape analysis of baby care products

The client requested for us to analyse the search engine and competitor landscape before launching baby care products in Indonesia, Ghana, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand and Vietnam. Using a list of products in the baby care category provided by the client, the research was investigated in English as well as the languages in the respective countries. The competitor landscape in each country was also analysed, focusing on competitor marketing strategies and digital share.

Keyword research and Search Landscape of Mum & Me in the UK

The project specifically focussed on the baby gifting category in the UK for Mum & Me. The research looked into search data of new born baby gifting so as to understand the size of the opportunity. Using sources such as search engine data, SimilarWeb and analytics data, the team also investigated various retail players and brands in the market to understand the importance of search engines as a marketing channel.

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