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There are a number of misconceptions that are still around the esports industry. While many believe it to be dominated by teenage boys, statistics reveal that 58% of the demographic in the UK is female, with 35% between the ages of 24-44.

As Fast Web Media’s Head of Agency Stephen O’Malley put it:

The rise of esports represents a great opportunity for businesses and brands looking to reach new audiences, but there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty about how marketers should approach this area in a meaningful way.

Rather like the dawn of Facebook advertising, there is an understanding of the significance of this new route to consumers, but a lack of clarity when it comes to how to approach it or indeed the audience they are talking to.

Our eBook aims to simplify the process of segmenting and targeting esports audiences into a digestible framework that can be adopted by marketing professionals in any industry.

The challenge of understanding the esports industry and audience came to light when working with top industry names such as Gfinity and the inaugural Esports Industry Awards. We wanted to tackle this challenge with a framework and tool that could be used by industry professionals. The team here at Fast Web Media have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks doing just that. We put together a high quality, educational, esports eBook aimed at industry professionals and gamers alike that breaks down the intricate challenge of audience segmentation in esports via colour-coded matrices that are easy to follow.

The eBook, titled ‘Field of View’, went live on 1st June 2017 and has already proved a hit with industry professionals and gamers downloading, reading and learning something new about the esports industry and audience.

This is not just your average, everyday eBook. We managed and executed all aspects of the process, collecting quotes from top industry professionals, ranging from gamers through to PR professionals, and solicitors who ply their trade in the esports industry. As well as the carefully crafted copy, we paid particular attention and detail to the eBook’s overall design, capturing the very essence of esports with a sleek, modern, game-like design.

There is no doubt we will be using our own framework going forward and hope this will be a useful tool for any professional looking to better understand this industry. We are extremely proud of our work and hope you enjoy too!

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