How to get better results from your Instagram Ads

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Once Instagram became part of the Facebook family back in 2012, its future was always going to be ad funded. Facebook’s own advertising options were never the most visual. With promoted posts and sidebar ads being more about enhancing reach than visually engaging users, Instagram was their opportunity to ad something a little more creative to their arsenal. But Instagram is far more than a visual advertising platform.

As an agency we have had great success with running campaigns across the Instagram advertising platform, and in some industries which may surprise you. We have found it possible to generate enquiries into our clients’ businesses for a fraction of the cost of Google Adwords and the main Facebook platform. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of Instagram advertising:

Separate out your audiences

Using data from Facebook and Instagram users it is possible to target different audiences who may be interested in your product or service. By separating them out into different campaigns you will learn which are performing best and where you should allocate more of your budget. You can then take the most successful audiences and expand them and trial new techniques, regions or messages.

Location works really well

Location is inherently built into the social platforms based on the information users give up in exchange for access. Whether you are a physical store business or not, locally targeting your advertising and your messaging enables you to be more relevant to Instagram’s users and makes the more responsive to your advertising. Use location targeting to make yourself relevant.

Build bespoke imagery for your ads

Your ads should be built specifically for Instagram. Spend time with a designer getting the ads right as this will maximise your chance of getting people to convert.

Alternate visual and sales message

Instagram is a visual platform, but you need to get your message across too. Use text in the images to get your key sales messages across and use your post text to reinforce it. The native nature of the Instagram ads within the platform means you actually have a lot of space to get across your message and give people reasons to act.

Test different imagery and orders

It is always difficult to know when you first start running a campaign which messages will resonate best with the Instagram audience. By testing out your sales messages and alternating the order within you Instagram ads you can understand more on what works and what doesn’t.

Use the lead generation ads

If you are a business looking for prospects then lead generation ads are the most efficient way of doing just that. By having the enquiry form built into the Instagram platform you allow users to register their interest without the need to visit your website. You can then follow up and convert them at a later point in time.

Need any help? Just get in touch

Getting started with Instagram advertising is straight forward enough and doesn’t require a large financial commitment. But if you find yourself needing any help or reach a point where you need to expand your activity and need further support, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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