Should you use Instagram for your business?

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With over 1 billion active users, photo-based social network Instagram is kind of a big deal. Since being bought by Facebook in 2012, it has very much become the jewel in the social giant’s crown and is now the first port of call for anyone wanting to share snaps of their special moments.

However, for a lot of businesses, questions remain over whether Instagram should be part of their social media strategy. And at Fast Web Media we are the first to admit it is not for everyone, but how do you decide if it’s right for you?

Are your audience on Instagram?

The best way to decide which social media platforms should be part of your strategy is by first understanding your audience. Wherever they are, you should be. And whatever they consume, you should provide.

For business to business service companies this can often mean Instagram might not be the channel for you. Unless of course you find your decision-makers fit the profile of the Instagram audience, in which case maybe you should give it a go. All in all, the decision of choosing a social platform should always be led by your audience and whether they use such network regularly.

Do you have a visual product?

Instagram is an image sharing platform. This means it lends itself more strongly to visual based products or those with a visual angle to them. This is why fashion and retail companies are so big on Instagram. People want to “fall in love” with clothes and other items before they consider purchasing them, and Instagram gives brands the chance to showcase their products in the best setting.

Another example of this are cosmetic brands, which have used Instagram’s visual approach to showcase the impact their products or services can have on someone’s appearance (i.e. before and after photos), finding an effective way to target their audience, both organically and with paid advertising.

Do you have the visual assets?

An obvious requirement of running Instagram as part of your social media strategy is visual assets. And ideally not blurry photos taken by Carol in accounts.

Having a bank of imagery for use is important to keeping your Instagram feed up to date and interesting. It doesn’t all have to be professionally taken, sometimes it can be stock or catalogue imagery you have access to, but a regular feed is a must.

In summary

Instagram is a great channel for driving engagement and building an audience where you have a visually appealing or impactful product. Modern smartphones lend themselves to high quality imagery and you can showcase your offering in a good light. But Instagram isn’t for every business. Ask yourself the above 3 questions before adding it to your social strategy, and if in doubt just contact us and we can provide some impartial advice.


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