Understanding Audiences: Enter The Esports Matrix

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Understanding the granularity of an esports fan’s interest and segmenting them effectively is critical in communicating with them, but it’s not an easy task. This is why, when putting together our free guide Field of View: Understanding Your Esports Audience, we created a series of matrices breaking this interest down. We didn’t just want to advise, we wanted to instruct, giving marketers and brand managers a template that could act as a starting point for segmenting their esports audience and getting their esports journey underway.

Full details can be seen by downloading the guide, but below, you can find the three matrices, which help you break the audience down according to (1) Gaming Interest, (2) Esports Engagement and (3) Game Culture. Work out the kind of audience you’re aiming for by plotting their position on the grids.

Gaming Interest

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Broken down by passion and awareness, this matrix depicts the difference between a gamer and an esport enthusiast. It shows gamers who are least likely to engage with esports in the bottom left and those who are most likely to engage (or who are already engaging) in the top right. The rest of the blocks show the granularity in between those two extremes.

Esports Engagement

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Here, we look specifically at esports followers. The aim is to show the difference between those who are just interested in being fans (bottom left) and those who are so passionate that they’re practicing regularly with the aim of becoming a pro player (top right). The rest of the blocks show the many different shades in between those two extremes.

Game Culture

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This is the broadest and most complicated of the three segments, but again we’ve split it across awareness and passion axes. The bottom left represents people who are more laid back about gaming culture: they may have preferences, but they’re not driven purely by them and are open to trying different things. The top right, on the other hand, are intensely driven by their preferences. Their passion is fierce and delivering the wrong message to this group could be fatal.


Speaking to gaming and esports fans is no easy task. It takes careful attention and nuance to find the right thing to say to the right people. These matrices offer a great place to start your journey to understanding that and can show you how to get the most out of any involvement you have with the esports sector.

Find out more about segmenting your esports audience by downloading Field of View: How to Identify Your Esports Audience for free.


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