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Fast Web Media
9 minute read

Esports Social Media Communities

In this article, Fast Web Media gives you the lowdown on where you can find the biggest esports communities on social media, while also giving you deeper insight into the platform and what makes them the engines that power esports as we know it.

Fast Web Media
7 minute read

How Popular is Esports on Social Media?

Esports and social media is a match made in heaven: the Luigi to Mario, the Tails to Sonic, the Diddy Kong to Donkey Kong. But just how pivotal is the role of social media in esports? We investigate the popularity of social media in esports, and how this shapes the industry.

Fast Web Media
6 minute read

The Future of Sports Broadcasting

More sports fans are turning to social media to consume their favourite matches and games. It isn’t just mainstream sporting giants securing bold relationships with streaming services, as Table Tennis England becomes the first of it’s kind to begin broadcasting using Facebook Live.


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