GIRLGAMER Festival: Powering up growth through social media

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Who Run the World?

With only five weeks to go until the second annual GIRLGAMER Esports Festival in Portugal, Fast Web Media was tasked with boosting social follows of and interactions with the GIRLGAMER Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

A Multiplayer Approach

Gaming exists on all social platforms, so to effectively reach esports enthusiasts worldwide and spread the news of GIRLGAMER Esports Festival, we created a hybrid strategy, combining organic and paid social media for three major channels:


The Twitter account used both organic and paid approaches, with promoted Tweets being used to encourage attendees to the LAN event. The advertising targeted both the UK and Portugal, with the lowest cost-per-click £0.04, resulting in 4,361 link-clicks to the website and over 37,000 impressions. This equates to a click-through rate of over 11%.

Organically, the account focussed around spreading key messages for the event and opening two-way dialogues with followers; with community management taking place 15 hours a day in both English and Spanish. Nurturing an audience of like-minded gamers meant that even without a budget, organic Tweets still achieved a high of 25,241 impressions.

Facebook & Instagram

Bespoke imagery and clipped videos were used to organically appeal to gaming and esports fans, bringing post engagement up by 307% in the first week. With content being published less frequently on Facebook and Instagram compared to Twitter, the posts were more detailed and relevant to GIRLGAMER Festival, with third-party content kept to Twitter. This was a successful approach, with Facebook page views up 60% and Instagram impressions +217 to the previous week; all in five days.

Good Game, Well Played

During the time Fast Web Media managed the GIRLGAMER accounts:

  • Twitter Impressions peaked at 548,309
  • Social engagement rates reached 4.0%
  • Organically, Twitter mentions were up 310.4%
  • Facebook video views reached 44,976
  • Instagram profile visits were +4,022
Fast Web Media
Fast Web Media

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