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Creating an interactive and responsive website for leading consumer insight and strategy consultancy.

Scorpio Partnership is the leading consumer insight and strategy consultancy for the global wealth industry, specialising in understanding and researching a cross section of wealthy clients from Ultra High-Net-Worth (UHNW) individuals to investors and the mass affluent.

Initial Brief

At the start of 2014, Scorpio wanted to create an entirely new website using the existing branding, following its acquisition by McLagan, a rewards and performance consultancy owned by Aon Hewitt.

Given the new company structure, Scorpio began developing plans and strategies for the forthcoming three years, which required a website that would showcase its skill set and expertise, as well as providing an engaging and interactive journey for end-users.

The overall goals of the website were very clear: it needed to articulate the Scorpio Partnership proposition whilst driving traffic effectively to the right content. By designing and creating a responsive website journey, that guided the user through each subcategory of Scorpio’s skills, there would be, in turn, a drive of online enquiries and consequently business.

With specific objectives in mind, Fast Web Media was able to coordinate both the development and design team, delivering a blend of compatible, scalable ideas for the client, whilst still remaining true to the Scorpio branding with aesthetically pleasing design work.

Design Process & Implementation

Fast Web Media

The website was structured around the homepage, which acted as a centrepiece along with an eye-catching infographic. The step-by-step process to delivering a design for the homepage included numerous website-build workshops amongst the Fast Web Media development and design team so as to ensure that every desirable aspect the client required was translated correctly through the overall website design. Using an infographic allowed Scorpio to visually represent its expertise in an interactive and attractive manner.

In-true with Scorpio’s branding, the team created a comprehensive style guide which leveraged the four main Scorpio colours throughout the entire site; blue, pink, orange and green. These four colours represent elements of Scorpios process, and ultimately represent the brand’s focus, meaning the design team had to ensure the colours fluently ran through each page of the website.

Fast Web Media

The website was fully rebuilt using the latest SVG animation techniques, to create a dynamic and scalable graphic on the website. As content generation is a big part of Scorpio’s communication activity, a bespoke and fully editable content management system was built, allowing for any page to be easily amended by any of the in-house team.

Another keen focus for Scorpio was social media, which meant the Fast Web Media team needed to pay careful attention to include specific social media integrations and calls to action, in order to ensure all website traffic had the potential to convert into social media visits.

Efficiency Savings

It was important for Fast Web Media to uphold strong communications with Scorpio throughout the process, ensuring that any issues and feedback could be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. This project benefited from being based on the Bootstrap 3 Framework, allowing Fast Web Media to construct a fully responsive website that worked on various browsers and devices.

Through the use of Bootstrap, Fast Web Media’s team was able to create interactive website mock-ups. The designs were developed in HTML and CSS, rather than flat imagery, which added depths to the design process. By using this method, the client was able to see the designs in a browser format, giving a more accurate representation of how the completed project would look and perform.

This blend of design and development bridged the gap between both teams, cutting down the overall project time and subsequently making the process more efficient for both Fast Web Media and Scorpio.

Challenges & Solutions

As this project pioneered Fast Web Media’s use of HTML and CSS design format in the drafting process, the team encountered some display issues. Despite visually appearing like a completed website, the client would encounter issues on different browsers and devices, as the designs were not fully tested to be compatible as they were only in the design phase.

To rectify this issue and provide reassurance for the client, Fast Web Media created flat image based designs to work alongside the interactive mock-ups, in order to accurately show how the designs would appear post development phase.

This project helped Fast Web Media see the benefit of having an interactive design phase for the client to experience, and since completed, tools such as inVision and Marvel allow the team to provide a better balance of interactivity in the design phase, without causing issues through different browsers and devices.


The website was built with compatibility in mind, scaling for desktops, tablets and mobile devices, which resulted in an attractive website that remained fully functional and accessible from whatever the device. The coordinated unison between Fast Web Media’s design and development team ensured that each process of the new website was practical, thought-out and robust, creating a smoother transition to the new site for the client, and considerably less hiccups along the way.


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